Time for a change

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About 3 weeks ago I began a transition from my previous role as a Java developer / Linux admin / POS support to a position as a PHP developer for the ecommerce team. Here is the story behind the move. >

The company I work for has been engaged in a full site redesign. We’ve contracted out with a company that is building the initial release of the site based on Magento. Shortly after the new site goes live, there will be a transition from the contracted company to and internal team of PHP programmers. Currently, we are a Java only shop so the PHP team would be a new thing to the company.

As I was pretty much the only one who had any PHP experience, I was on the list of people interviewing candidates for the new team. I’ve been on the retail side of things for the past 12 years, however as I became more involved with the interviews my interest in the project spiked. I found myself wanting to be on the team that would be developing the new site. So I talked with my manager and expressed my interest in a lateral move to the new team. He told me that he would get the process started. I expected to brush up my resume, interview with a few people, and either get the move or not. I anticipated the process taking a week, maybe two. Or not? A little later that day he, myself, and the CTO were sitting waiting for some members of the business to show up for a meeting. My manager tells the CTO that I am interested in joining the PHP team. After about 10 minutes of conversation between myself, my manager, the CTO and one other member of IT management, the CTO says “do it”.

So here I am, 3 weeks later and it’s been a whirlwind of activity. While phasing out my old responsibilities, I’ve been busy trying to get up to speed on Magento. I’ve been reading just about any book I can get my hands on. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything that dives deep into the core of Magento. There is plenty on how to use Magento or even how to design for Magento. There just isn’t a lot about the core. I’ve found plenty of articles on how to develop a shipping module or a payment module, but again nothing that talks about the core. This is a bit disheartening.

My goal with this blog is to document as much as I can about the inter-workings of Magento as I discover them. I’ll be adding links to the Magento Resources section on this site. If you have links you would like to contribute, please post them to the comments on that page.



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