Have your CakePHP and eat it 2.0

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So the CakePHP crew finished off their 3 city tour in Los Angeles, CA Friday. I was able to attend their talk with the LAPHP meetup group at Coloft in Santa Monica, CA. It was a really good talk. They streamed it live to almost 1000 people and they plan to have the recording up on tv.cakephp.org sometime next week (so go check it out). Version 2.0 looks pretty promising though it may be a little while before it’s out (still in DEV stage. Next comes Alpha, then a couple of betas, followed by a couple of release candidates, before the final release). However, you can checkout what they’ve done so far on the CakePHP GitHub account. I’ve used CakePHP since version 1.2 came out and it’s pretty amazing how quickly you can get a project done using it.



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