The Great SCM Debate

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This isn’t another post about which DVCS is better. This isn’t a comparison about Git vs Mercurial (Go here for that). Instead, I’d like to know what the motivating factor for your choice was.

Why did you switch from [CVS,SVN,etc…] to [git,mercurial,perforce,etc…]? Was it to follow the herd? Or was there a real world problem you were trying to solve (and did that move solve it)? I’m curious as we are currently working to move our SCM in-house instead of having it hosted by a 3rd party. At the same time, we deal with a lot of branching so we are strongly considering migrating away from SVN to another solution. I’d like to know other people’s thoughts as we consider this move. Please post in the comments or link back to your post elsewhere.



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