Blog Relaunch

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Well, here we are. New year, new domain name. I’ve decided to move my blog onto a new domain name: A little more fitting then the previous location. It was a bit of a temporary place, but I just never followed through with moving it. Until now anyway.

Along with the name change, I’ve also made some other changes. I’m now hosting the blog using Second Crack. I’ve forked the project on GitHub and begun making some tweaks to it though. For starters, I’ve added in the ability to run hooks when a post is published (so I can post to Twitter automatically). I’ve also give the site a facelift of sorts. Instead of the basic Word Press theme, I’ve gone with a more basic theme. It was originally for WordPress, then converted to Blogger. However, I’ve gone and converted it to work for Second Crack.

Additionally with the move to using Second Crack, I’ve removed the ability to comment as well as all previous comments. After hearing about a few other developers doing away with comments on their blogs, I took a good look at my blog and realized that the vast majority of comments weren’t really meaningful. In fact, a lot of the comments I was getting were spam. Loosing comments made the transition to Second Crack a bit easier since it doesn’t really support them anyway. So if you have feedback/questions for me on anything I post, find me on Twitter or email me. You can find plenty of ways to contact me here.



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